Our activities

Project activities

The Project will be structured around the three main outputs:

  1. Enhancing the inclusion, integrity and transparency of the electoral operations, including smooth voter authentication process and learning lessons for the improvement of the electoral process

    Activity 1.1: Maintenance of Voter Authentication Equipment
    Activity 1.2: Upgrade of the CEC IT infrastructure
    Activity 1.3: Training of VAD operators
    Activity 1.4: Organization of a lessons-learned conference and development of a report

  2. Enhancing the capacity of the Central Election Commission in conducting public outreach and external communication, specifically targeting participation of women and under-represented groups:

    Activity 2.1: Develop and support implementation of a national campaign on inclusiveness and women’s participation & representation

  3. Ensuring health and safety measures during electoral operations to mitigate risks of COVID-19:

    Activity 3.1: Support the development and dissemination of voter information materials on ensuring health and security measures within electoral process
    Activity 3.2: Support the procurement of the PPE

Expected results

The expected result of the project activities is the conduct of inclusive and transparent elections (pre-term parliamentary and local) through smooth voter authentication process, results management process and all-encompassing voter education campaign while keeping health and safety measures to prevent COVID-19.