UNDP ESPA-3 conducts BRIDGE workshops for the Armenian CEC and disability-related NGOs on the accessibility of the electoral process

BRIDGE workshops for the CEC and civil society/persons with disability-related NGO representatives on the accessibility of the electoral process A two-day BRIDGE workshop, “Access and Elections” was held on November 25-26, 2021, in Yerevan. The workshop was organized jointly by the Project, the CEC, and IFES and aimed to examine international standards, barriers, solutions, and discrimination aspects for the persons with ‘disabilities’ participation in elections. Thirty-one participants from the civil society organizations specialized in disability issues, the CEC of Armenia, and the UNDP, participated in the workshop. Participants were trained on how to build inclusive voter education campaigns and develop advocacy strategies on inclusion. The facilitators of the workshop applied an inclusive approach and developed special energizing exercises to engage participants with disabilities in the workshop activities. The participants highly valued this inclusive and 18 interactive approach, group work, and mixed group exercises. They also underlined inclusion as the most actual topic for Armenia to develop procedures and policies that will ensure full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in political life. In addition to this, participants noted that both international practice and experience of other countries bring many useful models that they can use during the whole election cycle and especially for inclusive voter education.

The BRIDGE workshop “Access and Elections” capacitated civil society activists working on the accessibility of the electoral process to empower them with the understanding of the international standards and best practices for ensuring the inclusivity of the electoral process and building partnership between the civil society activists and the CEC representatives responsible for ensuring the inclusivity of the electoral process enabling them to work together on promoting rights of people with disabilities.

Post on BRIDGE workshop “Access and Elections” on UNDP Armenia Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/UNDPArmenia/posts/4622403021174264 International Day of Persons with Disabilities  


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